We can always use volunteers, and we would love to have you join us!

If you would like to volunteer and get involved with the Montford Park Players, by all means just send us an email to introduce yourself (or fill out the form at the bottom of the page)!

Our general email inbox is at info [AT] montfordparkplayers.org (simply insert an @ symbol in there!)

AND, you can also download our Volunteer information form here and email it to us: MPP_2020_SeasonTechVolunteerForm

Various Volunteer Opportunities You Might Explore:

2020 Season Auditions scheduled for Saturday, March 7.  Bookmark this page as specific audition times are posted.

Actor (volunteer): Perform in a show (or several)! All MPP auditions are open to the public. Audition dates can be found on the website, the Facebook page, or by contacting the managing director. No experience necessary.

Techie (volunteer): We’re always looking for good backstage help. This can involve any number of tasks (including moving set, running the light or sound boards, assistant stage managing, costuming, construction, and handling props). Come to auditions and speak to the stage manager. No experience necessary.

Usher (volunteer): If you don’t want to commit to a full run, you can still volunteer for a night. Every performance needs people to hand out programs and sell concessions. Contact the managing director to get on the schedule.

Graphic designer (volunteer): Design posters, T-shirts, and other advertising.

Committee member (volunteer): MPP has a whole slew of opportunities to help out year-round. If you’re interested education, marketing, fundraising, or just joining in where the need is greatest, we can use you. Contact the managing director with interest or questions.

Props manager (volunteer): This person is responsible for finding all of the props for a show, using the existing collection or finding/making new ones as needed. No experience necessary.

Sound or light designer (volunteer): This person works with the director of a play to create all of the lighting or sound needed. Some experience necessary.

Director (stipend per show): If you’d like to be considered to direct a play, contact the artistic director. Some experience necessary.

Stage Manager (stipend per show): This person is responsible for keeping auditions, rehearsals, and performances running smoothly. Some experience necessary.

Costumer (stipend per show): This person works with the director to design the costumes for a show, using the available collection or finding/making pieces as necessary, and ensuring that every actor is appropriately costumed. Some experience necessary.

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