Brick Paver Fundraiser

Revised Stagehouse SketchWe are engaging in a comprehensive expansion campaign to

  • Re-terrace the audience seating area, adding stairs between levels, and adding extra terraces
  • Add a lighted, handicapped-accessible path from the entryway into the audience seating area
  • Raise the grassy, lower stage area to enhance sight lines and bring the audience closer to the action
  • Complete the second floor of the main stage, adding a roof and storage bays to protect our sets, props, and costumes from the elements
  • Build a new entry plaza to serve as a gateway to the theatre, a concession and merchandise shop, a rain shelter, and tourist information area.

This fundraiser is one way of raising the money. Choose from 3 different brick sizes and help pave the way to a new future for the Montford Park Players!

Visit our fundraising page for more information.